With table measurement and capacity which can be designed in accordance with your necessary and capacity up to 1000 ton with pressing process with vertical and horizontal method. It is completed with safer system and automatic controller. On the operation, it is designed for pressing papers, office supplies and other aplications.


We design Power Unit in accordance with your request. Both the capacity and pressure, that are completed with system which put to a test and can support pressing process. We also designed Hydraulic Jack with stroke and capacity in accordance with your request.


We design table lift with lifting capacity and table dimension in accordance with your necessary. With capacity up to 15 ton and height up to 15 meters, by using hydraulic system. Using hone tube from Germany for hydraulic jack and high precession machinery resulted best quality and performance. Adjustable oil pressured to adjust capacity. Completed with safety system with bypass oil flow. Generally used for lifting appliance up to machine or truck, lifting car and other necessary.